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July 14, 2020
I know it was just a few weeks ago that I said this:

I'll disclaimer right now: 99.9% of the pages have the exact same content they had in 2007. I didn't even finish updating the site for the end of Digimon Data Squad, so there is absolutely nothing from Fusion, Digimon Adventure tri, or anything else since 2007. I can't promise to ever update anything again ever; think of this site mostly as a time capsule as to where my fevered mind was back in 2007.

...But since then I looked again through some of my files and discovered that I had a few things just about ready to go that I never uploaded. For example, slightly bigger, better pictures of some of the Digivices. And while I was at it, why not update a few of the pages--most notably, Digimon Adventure tri did canonize the rest of the 01 crews Megas. Three out of the four were exactly what we had expected, and the one that wasn't was completely fitting (even though it had originally been intended for one of the 02 Digimon instead).

Those would be:

Phoenixmon (Sora)
HerculesKabuterimon ("Izzy")
Rosemon (Mimi)
Vikemon (Joe)

Vikemon was originally created to be Armadillomon's Mega, but I remember a lot of people on the DigiPort saying "He looks more like Zudomon than Ankylomon or Shakkoumon"; common wisdom was that Gomamon's Mega would be MarineAngemon or Plesiomon. Personally, I think this is one call Toei got right.

It's also kind of funny that Rosemon was originally created to be Palmon's Mega, but actually was used first as the Mega for Lalamon, Yoshino's partner in Data Squad.

Anyway, all I did was add those Megas to the DigiDestined profiles, and update thier respective Codex pages. While I was at it, I did my first all-new data cards in twelve years: Rosemon Burst Mode (which completes Yoshino's partner chart) and Omnimon Merciful Mode, which again, helps complete and update the Adventure cast for tri Nothing else from tri as of yet. But if I decide to do some pages on Meicoomon and Meiko "Tai's Canon Consolation Prize" Mochizuki, I'll let everyone know.

--Fritz V. Baugh

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