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September 3, 2007
Digibusters, Part Five
The Ghostbusters and their allies have their fateful showdown with KingEtemon. But even the power of the Beast Spirits is no match for the Dark Network Concert Crush. Their only hope may lie with the most unlikely heroes of them all...
May 28, 2007
Digibusters, Part Four
Ray Stantz and Veemon are on the run, separated from the others, and get stuck in the middle when two angry, artillery laden android Digimon decide to have a showdown. And where is the last Beast Spirit?
May 13, 2007
Digibusters, Part Three
The Digibusters are scattered; Venkman and Winston deal with weirdos on the train who actually make it a relief when they get attacked; Egon and Janine, meanwhile, deal with Serpahimon's startling transformation into a little creature with one oddly familiar attribute...
May 7, 2007
We're Back!

Since with luck a lot of people who had never heard of this place before are reading this, let me fill you in on where this came from. And if you have heard of this place, and wonder where it went six months ago, well, you're in luck because I'm gonna tell you what that deal is too!

Primordial history:

1999: Fritz Baugh and his brother Al get interested in a new anime on Fox Kids called Digimon. By the next summer, being mildly creative types, we'd started to plot out our own ideas for a sequel set in the year 2025.

2000: I start writing said sequel, Digimon Quest. It does undergo some retooling because of Season 2...and finally have to decide it's "officially" an Alternate Universe because the ending of 02 pretty much wrecked it.

2003: Fritz (which is, well, me) is now internet-capable, and starts hanging around the Ghostbusters message boards. My first user name, though, was that of one of my favorite Digimon: "Veedramon". I start my first website, Digibusters, which eventually evolves into a Ghostbusters-oriented website now known as Ectozone.com.

2004: I finally start signing up at some Digimon boards, including Bandai's. I keep using the user name "Veedramon"...

2005: Going back to my original idea, I start a new site oriented on Digimon. I call it Ectozone.net. It's hosted on Cyberturf. It goes over like a lead balloon (I guess I'm not surprised, with all the much better sites like the Digiport and Shining Evolution on the net). Eventually, the Ectozone.net domain gets moved to my message board and the Digimon site is moved to a subdomain, Digimon.ectozone.net

2006: Cyberturf is discontinued by their parent company. Digimon.ectozone.net is deactivated. I still had backup copies of the pages, and could have easily uploaded them to a different hosting server, but at the time...I admit I really wasn't interested enough to make the effort.

Now: With a wave of interest, in part spurred by the fifth season of the anime, Digimon Data Squad (original title: Digimon Savers) being dubbed into English, I put a month into recoding the site and uploading it to a new host.

For Now: Not all of the links below work. As of this writing, the three chapters of Digimon Quest are not available, as I'm retooling a few of the concepts and doing some revision work. Though in case you were wondering, Kazuya's parents are still going to be the same. ;) I will warn you that there are some spoilers to be found in the DigiDex and Profile pages.

Also note that, at this moment, there are major spoilers in the Data Squad profile pages, and in the DigiDex. The Japanese names, except for Thomas, are still in use for now, though that may obviously change.

What to come?

In the works is a fan fic called "What Dreams May Come", based on Digimon Adventure 01/02. It was sparked by an idea posted on the Digital Dive forum, but that's all I'm going to say for now...

I'll eventually get, at the very least, the last three installments of the Digimon Quest debut arc posted. More will be subject to interest on the fans' part.

Maybe even someday I'll finish my stupid Digimon/Ghostbusters crossover, Digibusters. Actually, truth to tell, Part 3 is finally done, will be out Sunday, and part 4 is well under way. Digibusters has not quite moved offsite, but I figure the Ghostbusters audience is the one most interested in it. It's mostly stil where it was, though

Anyway, I hope you'll look around and give the place a chance.


March 5, 2006
Digimon Quest, Chapter Three: Hot Stuff
An attack by the angry guardian of Gear Savannah, FlareRizamon, leaves Veemon wounded and the fate of the DigiDestined in the hands of Go and Candlemon. Uh oh.
January 26, 2006
Digimon Quest, Chapter Two: Vee For Victory
Trapped in the Digital World, the kids begin to suspect their parents might have visited this world before. The antics of playful fairies bring more trouble, and the appearance of an angry Octomon brings a startling transformation to Veemon...
April 29, 2005
Digimon Quest, Chapter One: It Begins Once More...
Kazuya, Go, Gina, and Yuki were ordinary kids...until the day their parents sent them to the Digital World...
February 27, 2005
Digibusters, Part Two
Veemon leads the Ghostbusters to the tomb of Seraphimon. But they're not the only ones seeking the Archangel of Hope...
February 20, 2005
Digibusters, Part One
A wacky crossover between Digimon Frontier and The Real Ghostbusters
A strange computer problem sends the guys and Janine into a bizzare alternate dimension that Ray recognizes as the "Digital World" straight out of the Digimon anime...
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