Digimon Adventure: The Courage To Fly
February 14, 2003. It has been over a month since the DigiDestined defeated MaloMyotismon once and for all. But Tai Kamiya isn't basking in the victory-he's miserable and, for the first time in his life, afraid... (Originally posted Feb. 2008 on The Digital Dive; Posted on Ectozone.net June 23, 2020)

An apocryphal romp through a continuity unaffiliated with Digimon Quest, where the stars of The Real Ghostbusters find themselves in a weird hybrid Digital World, posessing the powers of the DigiDestined of Digimon Frontier

Digibusters, Part One
A strange computer problem sends the guys and Janine into a bizzare alternate dimension that Ray recognizes as the "Digital World" straight out of the Digimon anime...

Digibusters, Part Two
Veemon leads the Ghostbusters to the tomb of Seraphimon. But they're not the only ones seeking the Archangel of Hope...

Digibusters, Part Three
The Digibusters are scattered; Venkman and Winston deal with weirdos on the train who actually make it a relief when they get attacked; Egon and Janine, meanwhile, deal with Serpahimon's startling transformation into a little creature with one oddly familiar attribute...

Digibusters, Part Four
Ray Stantz and Veemon are on the run, separated from the others, and get stuck in the middle when two angry, artillery laden android Digimon decide to have a showdown. And where is the last Beast Spirit?

Digibusters, Part Five
The Ghostbusters and their allies have their fateful showdown with KingEtemon. But even the power of the Beast Spirits is no match for the Dark Network Concert Crush. Their only hope may lie with the most unlikely heroes of them all...

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