A terrorist attack that wasn't really a terrorist attack completely changes the lives of eight children, setting them on a course that would make them the protectors of the Digital World. Years later, a new team would be chosen...and after defeating all of their foes, the dozen DigiDestined live happily ever after in a utopian world where everyone has a Digimon.

Or do they?

Digimon Adventure: What Dreams May Come, Part 1
(Coming Soon)

Digimon Adventure: What Dreams May Come, Part 2
(Coming Soon)

A quarter century before, two teams of brave children saved two worlds from terrible evil.

It is the year 2025. And the peace has been shattered.

Now, a new generation of DigiDestined must step into the footsteps of their forbearers...

Chapter One: It Begins Once More...
Kazuya, Go, Gina, and Yuki were ordinary kids...until the day their parents sent them to the Digital World...

Chapter Two: Vee For Victory
Trapped in the Digital World, the kids begin to suspect their parents might have visited this world before. The antics of playful fairies bring more trouble, and the appearance of an angry Octomon brings a startling transformation to Veemon...

Chapter Three: Hot Stuff
An attack by the angry guardian of Gear Savannah, FlareRizamon, leaves Veemon wounded and the fate of the DigiDestined in the hands of Go and Candlemon. Uh oh.

Chapter Four: My Time To Be A Starmon
(Hopefully coming soon)

Chapter Five: Deep Savers
(Hopefully coming soon)

Chapter Six: Hall Of The Deepest One
(Hopefully coming soon)

An apocryphal romp through a continuity unaffiliated with Digimon Quest, where the stars of The Real Ghostbusters find themselves in a weird hybrid Digital World, posessing the powers of the DigiDestined of Digimon Frontier. Click on the logo to visit it.
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