For each Digimon story, there are a team of human children who bond with Digimon. All (except the most recent series, Digimon Savers) are led by a boy in goggles. They are referred to as either "DigiDestined" or "Tamers"

So what's the difference? Mostly it's metaphysical. Any Tamer can have a Digivice and Digimon partner, but only a DigiDestined has been specially selected to carry the power of a Sigil Artifact, such as Crest, a Digimental, or a Spirit. And the two are not always mutually exclusive: while Tai, Davis, and their teams are DigiDestined who are also Tamers,Willis and the kids seen around the world in "Digimon World Tour" would really be better classified as Tamers. Takato's team of course are Tamers; they aren't DigiDestined because they have no Sigil Artifacts (That doesn't make them any less important or powerful than a "real" DigiDestined.) Only the DigiDestined of Frontier aren't also Tamers (they don't have Digimon partners)

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A terrorist attack that wasn't a terrorist attack. Snow at summer camp. The beginnings of the grandest adventure of them all...

Despite what everyone thought--Digimon are real. When a batch of blue cards start created D-Power Digivices, a team of fans get drawn into the battles of the D-Reaper and the Digimon Sovereign.

Five kids become the inheritors of the ancient power of the Legendary Warriors when the Celestial Angels are betrayed and overthrown. Armed with the powers of the spirits and the D-Tector Digivices, they battle the minions of darkness--including other Legendary Warriors!

(aka Digimon Savers)

When local tough Marcus Daimon meets Agumon, and beats him in a fight, he had no idea what he was getting into. The Digimon police organization DATS monitors a stream of Digimon attacks--is there something to it? And what connection do they have to Marcus's long lost father?

(As you might guess, this contains heaps of spoilers about the upcoming Digimon Data Squad)

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