There are lots of other great Digimon sites on the web. Here's just a few of the notable ones...

Not one but two Digimon wikis. The first leans toward the dubs, the other toward the Japanese originals. They're both excellant:

Digimon Wikia


Shining Evolution


These two sites are favorites of mine, with a the best Digidexes on the net. They also have a jointly run message board of their own which I consider my personal favorite. So if you see a guy called Veedramon there, yeah, it's that Veedramon.

Cyberdramon's Digital Index

Great site for the card games

The Digimon Encyclopedia

Chris McFeely's site, pretty much the definitive source of information about the dubs.

They get all the stuff from Japan first. Several notable subsites, including DMA, another great Digidex, and the new home of File Island, the definitive site on the Japanese virtual pets and Digivices.

Digi Starlight

Run by Vande, good information on Japanese cards and scanlations of the V-Tamer manga (I mean, c'mon, Tai and can I not like that?)

The Happy Galgomon Gif Factory

Fenrir's site, with lots of great artwork.