The First Team (1999)

This team was selected by Gennai and the Sentries after the Highton View Terrace incident of 1995. The original Digivices (unofficial nickname "D-Zero"), the tags, and the eight Crests emblazoned with the ancient Sigils were created for their use.

Tai Kamiya
Matt Ishida
Sora Takenouchi
Koushiro ("Izzy") Izumi
Joe Kido
Mimi Tachikawa
Takeru ("TK") Takaishi
Kari Kamiya

The Second Team (2002)

With the rise of the Digimon Emperor and his "Dark Digivice", TK and Kari are joined by new faces. Gennai and Azulongmon create upgraded Digivices, the D-3, and reawaken the Digimentals, ancient sigil artifacts, for their campaign.

Davis Motomiya
Miyako "Yolei" Inoue
Iori ("Cody") Hida
Ken Ichijoji
Takeru ("TK") Takaishi
Kari Kamiya

Miscellaneous Tamers
The Digimon encounters of 1999 led to more children being chosen as Digimon tamers. These are only three of the more notable of those.

Willis Gladstone
Ryo Akiyama
Micheal Barton Jr.

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