The Devas

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#371 Mihiramon
#372 Sandiramon
#373 Sinduramon
#374 Pajiramon
#375 Vajramon
#376 Indramon
#377 Khumbhiramon
#378 Vikaralamon
#379 Makuramon
#380 Chatsuramon
#381 Majiramon

The Devas are twelve Ultimate-level Digimon, each based on one of the twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac, who serve the Digimon Sovereign.

Rat : Khumbhiramon
Ox : Vajramon
Tiger : Mihiramon
Rabbit : Antylamon
Dragon : Majiramon
Snake : Sandiramon
Horse: Indramon
Goat : Pajiramon
Monkey : Makuramon
Chicken : Sinduramon
Dog : Chatsuramon
Pig : Vikaralamon

In addition, they are divided into four subgroups, each commanded nominally by one specific Sovereign of the same Attribute.

Zhuqiaomon (Virus)

Ebonwumon (Vaccine)
Rat : Khumbhiramon
Ox : Vajramon
Pig : Vikaralamon

Baihumon (Data)

Azulongmon (Data)

Digimon Adventure
Though the Sovereign exist in this continuity, it is not clear whether the Devas ever did. If they did exist, they were probably either sealed away with the Sovereign, or destroyed outright by the Dark Masters. A corrupt version of Antylamon was created out of one of the twin partners of Willis Gladstone.
Digimon Tamers
When the D-Reaper activated, the Sovereign Zhuqiaomon took direct command of the Devas, and ordered them attack Earth one by one through HYPNOS's Juggernaut core. All of them save Antylamon were defeated and destroyed by Takato Matsuki's team of Tamers; Antylamon turned on the Sovereign and became the partner of Susie Wong.
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