Hikari Kamiya

Kari was the mysterios "Eight Child" sought by the villain Myotismon, and later her power was coveted by Dragomon, Lord of the Seas of Dispair. Her older brother Tai was the leader of their generation's DigiDestined.

Note: Name in Japanese version was Hikari Yagami

Official Future:

Kari grows up to become a school teacher, and has a son with a Salamon of his own. It is neither confirmed nor denied that she married TK (which would mean she'd have another son)

Fun note: the dub of Tamers makes an in-joke to this fact by having Kari's voice actor, Lara Jill Miller, play Takato's teacher.

Digivice: The pink D-3, which was transmogrified from her Digivice Zero


Sigil Artifact: None. She formerly bore the Crest of Light before it was destroyed by Apocalymon. She later carried the Digimental of Light, which has been returned to it's place of safekeeping

Kari's Digimon Partner

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