Keenan Crier
(Japanese Name: Ikuto Noguchi)

Keenan was kidnapped as a baby and taken to the Digital World. He and the Digimon who became his partner were raised together by a Frigimon before she was killed; the Olympian God Digimon Merukimon used that trauma to teach him to, ironically enough, hate all humans.

Keenan later battles DATS, and is made aware of his true identity--he is reunited with his human family and slowly bonds with the other tamers, as well as Marcus's sister Christy (who is about the same age).

Digivice: Grey and lavender Digivice Burst, which was upgraded from his Digivice iC.

Sigil Artifact: None. Keenan can generate a "DNA Charge", which mimics many of the properties associated with sigil artifacts, however.

Keenan's Digimon Partner

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