Iori ("Cody") Hida

Iori was serious even as a child, in part due to his father's death while protecting a government official. He became part of Daisuke Motomiya's group of DigiDestined in 2002. His friend Minako Inoue nicknamed him "Cody" because his real name was so close to her nickname "Yolei"

Official Future

As a child, Iori is conflicted at telling the most innocuous of white lies. He gets over it and grows up to become a lawyer (a joke, I keed). He has a lookalike daughter with an Upamon.

Digivice: The yellow D-3


Sigil Artifact: None. He carried the Digimentals of Knowledge and Reliability, which have been returned to their places of safekeeping.

Iori's Digimon Partner

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