Ken Ichijoji (aka The Digimon Emperor)

One of the "great awakening" Tamers of 1999, Ken was warped by the power of the Sea of Dispair to become the horrific "Digimon Emperor". Thanks to the efforts of Davis Motomiya and the other second team of Digidestined, he was freed from the effects of the Dark Ocean, and became a valued member of their group.

Official Future:

Ken becomes a detective. He marries Yolei Inoue and they have a bunch of kids, each with their own Minomon or Poromon partner.

Digivice: The black D-3, once known as the "Dark Digivice", which was transmogrified from his Digivice Zero


Sigil Artifact: The Crest of Kindness. Ken appears to have never had a tag for this item, so was unable to use its full power.

Ken's Digimon Partner

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