Taichi Kamiya

The leader of the First Generation of Digidestined, and still very much the inspiration for the Tamers who came after (only the most skillful--or cocky--of Tamers don copies of Tai's trademark aviator goggles). He was a bit hotheaded, but his energy was crucial to the team's battles--without him, the literally fell apart

Note: Name in original Japanese was Taichi Yagami

Official Future

Tai cuts his hair and becomes the Ambassador between the Digital World and Earth. He marries someone other than Sora Takenouchi (I wonder if there's a Rei Saiba in the Adventure continuity...) and has a lookalike son with a Koromon.

Trivia Note:
A different version of Tai appeared in the Japanese manga V-Tamer, which is not in continuity with any of the animation. His partner was Zeromaru, a Veedramon. I promise I was totally unaware of this fact when plotting Digimon Quest

Digivice: Digivice Zero

Sigil Artifact: None. He formerly bore the Crest of Courage before it was destroyed by Apocalymon.

Tai's Digimon Partner

Dark Digivolutions

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