Takeru "TK" Takaishi

One of the first generation of Digidestined, and one of the most important of them, as his partner Patamon and his evolutions stood revealed as the most powerful of them all. Known by the nickname "T.K.", his older brother Matt was also a DigiDestined.

Official Future:

TK grows up to become a writer. He marries (though it is neither completely confirmed or denied that it is to Kari Kamiya) and has a lookalike son with a Tokomon of his own

Digivice: The green D-3, which was transmogrified from his Digivice Zero


Sigil Artifact: None. He formerly bore the Crest of Hope before it was destroyed by Apocalymon. He later carried the Digimental of Hope, which has been returned to it's place of safekeeping

TK's Digimon Partner

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