Willis Gladstone

Willis recieved twin Digimon eggs (Zerimon and Conomon) at the same time Botamon appeared to Tai and Kari. He later made contact with Koushiro Izumi ("Izzy") and was unwittingly responsible for the creation of Diaboromon. One of his Digimon, Kokomon, was taken over by the Diaboromon virus and transformed into the horrific Wendigomon. with the help of Davis Motomiya's DigiDestined, Wendigomon was purged of the virus, and Terriermon and Lopmon live with Willis still.

Note: Name in Japanese version was Wallace. No full name was ever given--surname Gladstone is a fan conjecture only for the Digimon Quest continuity

Digivice: Digivice Zero

Sigil Artifact: None. He briefly used the power of the Golden Digimental of Destiny

Willis's Digimon Partner (Terriermon)

Willis's Digimon Partner (Kokomon)

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