Yamato "Matt" Ishida

One of the first generation of DigiDestined, Matt had a lot of problems in childhood stemming from the divorce of his parents and separation from his brother, Takeru (aka "TK", renamed with their mother's maiden name Takaishi). After dealing with a lot of those issues, Matt went on to fifteen minutes of fame as part of the turn-of-the-Millenium rock group "The Teenage Wolves".

Official Future:

Matt marries Sora Takenouchi, of all people, and they have two children, one with a Tsunomon and the other with a Yokomon. Matt also becomes an astronaut, and he and Gabumon are the first human and Digimon to reach Mars.

Digivice: Digivice Zero

Sigil Artifact: None. He formerly bore the Crest of Friendship before it was destroyed by Apocalymon.

Matt's Digimon Partner

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